Company -    Forwell Landscape
​                 and Excavating (FLX)
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1693 Nafziger Road
New Hamburg, Ontario
                 N3A 3H4
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Office       -  # 519-214-1313
Fax           -  #519-214-1313
Cell        -  #519-465-1144 (Scott)​


Free estimates call 519-465-1144and ask for Scott Forwell.​​​​​
       FLX - Canadian grown company, planted in the early 1990's. Started out primarily in landscape construction, than branched off into excavation, site services and small demolition.

Throu​​gh many good growing seasons, we have matured into a full grown company that has rooted very well in the Waterloo Region. We look forward to continued growth and servicing this area for many more years to come. 
    Time to step up and get 
      this project started!