​             For all your retaining wall need we can help! 
                      RETAINING WALLS
     From wooden to concrete, from armourstone to fieldstone. Any height any length we have the knowledge and equipment to get the job done right, let us design/ build your next retaining wall.
     ​​ With a huge sellection of precast blocks to a abundance of  natural stones, we are sure to find what your looking for at a price you can afford. " SO DON'T LET US HOLD YOU BACK " Call now to book an appointment, and let us retain your next  project the way you've always wanted, for many years to come. 

​Picture below​​ is a job in Guelph ​where we needed to raise the grade by 14'.

Not as rustic as natural stone but just as durable and great for spots that have restricted area to work.
               Pressure Treated or Cedar Timbers
     Pressure treated or cedar can offer an ecconomical alternative to other materials and come with a 25 year pro-rated warrantee. Great for a location with little visabilty yet requiring alot of retention. This project was constructed in 1992 and is still like the day we built it.
     One of the most popular forms of retaining walls products, due to its appearance and durability. It able to retain any size project and holdup for years to come. 
FACT - Landscaping your yard increases its value more than any other renovation, therefore bringing the best return on your investment, but more importantly, Landscaping increasing the smile on your face and brings the best return on your happiness.                                                                           " SO LET'S GET THIS PROJECT STARTED "
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